Griddle Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches



Our Griddle Muffins are made in house with a locally sourced pastry flour

Topped with egg, havarti cheese and your choice of meat or vegetables


House made pork sausage sourced from Bay's meats in Lancaster


Bacon butchered in house and smoked on Baba's porch


Grilled seasonal veggies


House made pork sausage that's been kicked up with heat and attitude






Diner Burger


Perfectly seasoned beef patty smooshed into a griddle muffin with a slab of cheddar cheese

PB & J

Krema Nut Company paired with Chef Dan's home made jellies

Inside out Grilled Cheese

Cheese blend encases chorizo, chopped sweet peppers & house-made harissa

Ham & Cheese

House sliced Ham from Bays Meats with melty sharp  cheddar cheese

House Cut Fries

Spuds cut, blanched and fried to crispy completion


Starts at 11am



Baked Goods

Day Bread

Cinnamon Rolls



We proudly serve Thunderkiss coffee!