Breaking Down Baba's

    Many have asked, what exactly is Baba’s going to be? A restaurant? A specialty store? A bakery? The answers are yes, yes and YES! Baba’s is a living idea that will continue to grow with the neighborhood and customer needs. We begin this journey with breads, meats & sweets with a small seated area. Here we will break down what you can expect from Chef Dan and his remarkable Baba’s family.


The soul of our bread follows Italian traditions. Matt’s deep family roots in Slovenian and Italian preparation keep him pure in his ingredients and hand kneading techniques. Our racks will be filled with the likes of, stirato, stecca, grissini, ciabatta, focaccia, & pane carasau.

There are a few tale tell signs of Italian style breads. They are generally formed into larger rounds and loaves are made to be thicker and shorter in length. Paesanos are known to allow the yeast to fully rise over the course of a few hours, resulting in a very thin-crusted loaf. The inside of Italian bread is typically very moist and absorbent. Great for soaking up lavish sauces and oils.

    Breads will be available for wholesale and customer purchase. It will also be utilized on the food truck and for dinner service.


Charcuterie is the craft of curing meats with smoke, salt or fermentation. Chef Dan will offer a wide variety of plates for dining in or take out. Showcasing items like Ohio cured hams, smoked meats, german Pâté’s and sausages, Italian Salumis, terrines, and Czech style Kielbasa. The accoutrements will change and vary from cheeses, honey’s, fruits to fermented vegetables, whipped butters or sauces.


Our pastries will also be built around Eastern European sweets. Items like kolach, Trdelnik, Bienenstich, Honey cakes & hoblovacky cookies will fill the racks. Czech desserts are commonly filled with raisins, poppy seeds & walnuts while german sweets explore flavors with black and red currants, jams & fruits. Jackson will have sweet yeasts rising while whipping house made creams and cultivating sweet cheeses.


Most of our items will be packaged and ready to go home with you. Our knowledgeable staff will help you pair a crunchy bread to go with a silky pate and a delicate sweet bread for coffee in the morning. Canned sauces, pickled veggies, whipped butters and anything else Baba’s inspired team comes up with will be available for purchase. We aim to make as much in house as possible but we also want to support up-and-comers in the community. As we discover other artisans with distinctive products, our hope is to showcase them at Baba’s for a limited time.


For our humble beginnings, we wanted to start with only a few tables. Tuesday through Saturday 6-10am, we will offer a breakfast sandwich and Thunderkiss coffee. Baba’s will not offer lunch, but the store will be open for retail purchases.

Wednesday through Saturday 6-9pm, Baba’s will have a seated dinner. The menu structure will ask customers to put their faith into Chef Dans hands. One menu will state the main ingredients, but preparation becomes a thrill and journey. The second menu, or the black menu, is simply labeled Chef’s choice. All bets are off and a mysterious and wild night of dining will ensue. Charcuterie menu will also be available. A few times a month we will host a burger night, or a taco tuesday. Something fun & familiar with a twist.


The Food Truck that got us where we are today, That Food Truck, will be parked next to the building Monday through Friday for lunch service. We will also maintain our weekly appearance at Seventh Son Brewery Friday nights and Saturday brunches.


As we mentioned above, Baba’s is a living entity. We believe in and embrace change as part of our business model. We have a huge book full of ideas that we will try out over the next few years. We encourage community involvement and look forward to building relationships with other business in our neighborhood. As always, we deeply appreciate all of the support already shown and look forward to getting to know our locals.