Thanksgiving thoughts of 2015

We began this day, taking a moment to allow social injustice to rage. To be angry and downhearted. Having an open dialogue over chocolate milk and donuts with our 6 year old son about the horrible things that arise due to exaggerated self-opinion.

Slowly unpacking this holiday for him in a way that serves honesty and preserves those that remember this day as a massacre. And not just this day, but every day that passes where lives are lost and groups of people are treated like a disease. Facing hardships that we, a lower middle class white family, may not ever understand, but can absolutely live with empathy and accept our bias and figure out how to use it with love. Not shame. Not ego. Not hiding our eyes from the hate.

This is the type of conversation that never ends. It grows up with him. It grows out with him. As his presence begins to fill out in the world, so will his compassion.

Giving balance in this discussion we move on to seeing the light in our own lives. What feeds us, makes us stronger and provides us with something to wake up and show up for everyday.

We are thankful for process: At the end of our longest days, we are thankful for change, challenge, new perspective and the opportunity to fail. Taking the chance to work above our abilities, fall short, find where we went wrong, rework it, try again. Moving through the process.

We are thankful for growth: We see how the tree grows. With each failure, a new branch is born that will hold the weight of future decisions and actions. Sometimes that branch will be abundant and fruitful. Sometimes that branch will die off. We find comfort in this. Each challenge is an opportunity to find our way around or through a new situation. Growth mindset, elastic ways of thinking, will get us where we need to be, feeding the people, running a small, local, business and finding ways to give back.

We are thankful for perspective: The biggest thing about putting yourself out there is gaining sentiment. All of the ways the world shows itself to you. In the blinding midday light, glaring truths come at you quicker than you can process, while others leek in slower and allow time for deep contemplation. We are not concerned with saving face, as it is no way to adapt and grow. We are compelled to share every up and down of this journey so that those following our story have a transparent and clear view of what it takes to chase a dream. We are the anti-reality tv.

We will spend the rest of the day filling our hearts with gratitude and expanding our minds with new ways to create everyday empathy. We hope you do the same.


Dan & Caroline Kraus

Caroline KrausComment