That Food Truck Saturdays

We can finally spill the beans! 

Chef Dan is bringing That Food Truck to the Baba's parking lot every Saturday from Noon - 5pm. 

Please join us Saturday, March 21st starting at Noon to kick off the spring season! 

In celebration of kicking winter to the curb, Chef Dan has decided to bring back the original TFT spring/summer menu. Our long time fans will know what this means... The BIG BAD WOLF will be brought back to life!

In addition to that howler, the lazy chicken, the cheddar burger and of course the meatless will be ready to satisfy. 

A little something extra for the Saturday crowd, smoked meats galore. Saturday will be the only day we offer Chefs finest smoked meats. Half of a smoked chicken or brisket will pair with truck made pancakes.