And the inevitable standstill

There we were among the tools and ladders and pieces of coolers and ovens standing in the same dust our bank account was holding.

The money was gone and so was our ambitious opening date.

Investments from the kind souls who contributed early on was now in the form of gear, new walls, working electricity, plumbing, a $16,000 hood system, rent and bills. We stood in the rubble and laughed crazy tears of discouragement and trepidation.

It was the first honest moment of doubt we shared and yet, there we were, laughing inspite of ourselves. With our heads rolling on the ground, looking for dimes, answers, winning lotto tickets, wishes, or a fat sack of unclaimed cash. Of course, to no avail.

Our deep rooted tenacity kicked into overdrive and back out we went, wreaking of dust and diligence.

Our food truck kept Baba’s head just above water and the project going at a tortoise speed, but it was still moving. Two last minute investors stuck their necks out for us and a huge push began again.

Until the hood guy disappeared for two weeks. We came to a screeching halt full of cursing and angry fists shaking at the beautiful summer clouds. We made hasty, daily phone calls figuring out the best way to track him or to hire in another team to finish his job. But, just as quickly as he fell into the shadows, he reappeared and finished his job under our hawk-like watch. Up the ladder of happiness and goal reaching, down we went again as our contractor informed us he was suffering from small health issues and continued to ask for more money even though little had been done the last few months.

When will it ever stop? Will it ever ease up?

Nope. Never.

This is what being a small business owner looks like. And so we found more patience in the deep cellars of our minds and kept busy with things like sweeping the parking lot, acquiring our phone number and looking for the proper wood to knead dough on.

Things are currently back on track and moving forward as we have decided to take over the last bits of construction. We are finishing the floors and anything else we can do without a licensed contractor. The electrician will fire up the hood vent for its final look-see, and if all goes well, we will have our final inspection the beginning of September.

We are madly flying through the days to get our baby open.

Here we are, so damned close, we can almost smell the bread baking and hear the friendly chatter of our customers.

So what this means for you, beautiful people who have been patiently waiting, is that we are going to desperately ask you to wait a smidge longer! We know, we know - we can hear all the sighs of disappointment, but we swear it will be worth your wait. The day we pass inspection (we will let you all know with a facebook post, probably in all caps with lots of exclamation points) we will be baking the very next day for our wholesale production. We ask that you give us a little time to work the dough into the wood, grind out any small issues, tie up all loose ends and let the flour settle so that we can concentrate and serve our exceptional patrons when the doors finally open. We seriously love you guys and appreciate all of the support, on and off the streets.


With deep love and gratitude

The Baba’s Family