One year down!


We are sorry.

It's been a while since we last chatted.

We are hoping to change that this year and build our little blog up with more info about what we are doing and induce licking of screens with more photos.

With this new year will come a few changes. The first we should announce is that we will be closed from February 6th-12th. We will be back all shiny and new Tuesday, February 13th. This break will allow us to deep clean the shop, rearrange a few things and also allow mom and pop to take a damned break! In order to keep providing the food and service you have all come to love, we must rest and get ready to knock out 2018.

The second announcement is for the BBQ. WAIT! Don't get all bent out of shape yet. Baba's BBQ will be available in spring and summer. We have decided to do braised meats in the fall & winter. Sometimes braised in Thunderkiss coffee. Yeah. Be stoked about that!


Thank you all for a stellar first year. Sometimes we can't believe how far we've come and how much support has been shown. We love you MF'ers. 

Caroline KrausBaba's