Diner Burger

Perfectly seasoned beef patty smooshed into a Griddle Muffin with a slab of cheddar cheese

PB & J

Krema Nut Company paired with Chef Dan's home made jams

Inside out Grilled Cheese

Cheese blend encases Chorizo, chopped sweet peppers & House-made Harissa

Ham & Cheese

House sliced Ham from Bays Meats with melty sharp  cheddar cheese

Pork & Slaw

Braised pork shoulder topped with Harissa Slaw

Grilled Cheese

Toasted griddle muffin stuffed with Sharp Cheddar

Smoked Chicken

(served with fries)

House smoked chicken smothered in Baba’s Mole’ BBQ Sauce

Smoked Cabbage

(served with fries)

Smoked cabbage covered in sauteed veggies drizzled with house made vinaigrette

Evolved Plate

Chefs Choice. No questions. No complaints.