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Weekend Smoke

Smoked meat is back on for weekends! Friday through Sunday, 11am - 5pm, Baba’s will offer a variety of smoked meats and supporting sides.

Ribs ½ Rack $11 Full Rack $20

Lunch Special includes 3 bones, one side and cornbread.

This week we are featuring Dan's spicy & smoked baked beans.



Smokey & salty, our Rib & Veg soup will satiate any need for comfort and warmth.

Only here till 2/9 or sold out


Call ahead available 614.262.2227

Lunch Special 1.6-1.12

Vegans! We heard your calls and have found a way to get you fed. Our main concern was always cross contamination on the flat top. Being a meat-centric shop caused unique issues on how to prepare food for you in a mindful way.

We present our Vegan Lentil soup. The best thing about this soup is it can be topped with our braised for those in meat-need.

This lentil soup will be available for the rest of this cold ass season.

Lunch Specials 12.30-1.5

Bean & Ham will be walking arm and arm with our grilled cheese this week.

While this Pork Belly Cuban makes it's punchy debut. Stacked with pickled carrots, generous slices of pork belly, melty Havarti cheese and a fried egg. Yeah, this sammie may not make it to next Friday.

Tea time

Jason from Thunderkiss has helped us find some outstanding teas to add to our hot drinks menu.

Columbus Breakfast Black Tea. Reminiscent of Darjeeling, this crisp black tea can take a bit of cream and sugar without loosing its robust flavor. 

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is our dark horse, house favorite. Lapsang leaves are traditionally smoke-dried over pinewood fires, taking on a distinct smoky flavor. This slightly sweet and clean tea pairs perfectly with any of our meat packed sandwiches.

This high-end Oolong is light, floral and grassy. This healthy tea will warm your hands and heal your heart.

Our other green tea isJade Needle. With that piercing name comes subtle flavors of artichoke, fall squash and a hint of sweet butter.