When we took another look

Simplify! Simplify! Simplify! Even when you think there is absolutely nothing left to let go of, a new perspective brings options.

Regrouping after the failed Kickstarter, we found ourselves in deep and meaningful conversations with other small business owners and a few of our investors. Laying everything on the table and looking back at obstacles, something very clear came to light.

Scale back. More.

The very expensive electrical issue that is keeping us from opening has forced us to make the decision to cut out the wholesale baking portion of our business plan. For now.

As we stand, we are able to open with breakfast and lunch options as planned and dinners through the weekend. The price of opening has dropped to under to $10,000. That finishes the hood vent, pays the Board of Health’s final walk through, one small refrigerator, product, tables, chairs and packaging.

We have options. A few of those currently in the works.

We are moving along, and feeling a little lighter. With this reduced amount to get open, we are optimistic for the new year!





Caroline KrausComment